A Lazy Girl’s 5-Step Guide to Morning Makeup

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All of us have those mornings where we don’t just feel like getting up from our bed, let alone putting on some makeup. You’re feeling all lazy and unmotivated, but you can’t stand the idea of completely skipping your makeup routine. To help you even in your lazy days, here is a list of minimalistic makeup tips that can help you maintain your routine without going all out early in the morning.


1.       BB or CC Cream For Cover-Up

An overall application of a cover-up product is known as the longest part in any makeup routine. From moisturizing to concealing, and applying powder foundation, no wonder why you’d prefer skipping your routine during your lazy days. Luckily, all of this can now be done with one makeup product, the BB or CC cream. These creams work as a moisturizer that also adds a healthy glow on your skin, giving you a fresh-faced look throughout the day.

2.       Strategic Bronzer Application

Applying your bronzer in the key areas in your face makes all the difference in just a little time. A light sweep of bronzer brush over your temples, on the sides of your face, and under your cheekbones is all that it takes. Using this strategic application immediately strengthens your bone structure without the need to completely contour your face.


3.       Simple Smoky Eyes Effect

Eye makeup is another taxing part in a makeup routine, but there’s no need to completely skip it. During your lazy days, create a simple daytime smoky eye effect by applying a brown eyeliner pencil over and below your lash line, then use your smudging brush to create that smoky effect.

4.       Eyelash Curler

Curling your lashes is an easy step to skip, but sparing a few seconds to do it actually makes a lot of difference. Giving your lashes a good curl opens up your eyes, making you look more awake and ready to start your day.

5.       Bold Lipstick

If you’re planning to go bare on your makeup, then commit to sporting a bold lippie. This will not just act as a perfect distraction for the lack of makeup on the other parts of your face, it will also make you look like a girl who’s perfectly put together and ready to rock the day.

Feeling lazy is not an enough reason to skip your makeup routine and run around bare-faced. Keep these tricks in mind to make your morning makeup routine easier, especially when you feel like you’re too lazy to put some makeup on.


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