A Guide to Using Scented Candles Safely and Responsibly

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Scented candles are a great way to unwind after a long day, and many people enjoy the flame and its sound as well as the burning aroma that makes scented candles highly inviting.

However, to get the maximum enjoyment from scented candles, it’s important to know how to use and place them, as well as the places where you can and can’t use them.

Places Where You Can’t Take Candles
Using scented candles seems easy enough – you place them on an open space, light them, and wait for their melted wax to waft through the room. You should pay extra attention to where you place them, as it may take longer or shorter for the vapors to melt into the air.

However, while scented candles are great for rest and relaxation, there are some instances where it can cause a potential fire hazard. Here are the few places where you really shouldn’t be taking scented candles:

• Rental homes – Most landlords don’t allow open flames because they pose fire hazards, and with paraffin scented candles, there’s always a possibility that they can release toxins into the closed air, even if the windows are open.

• Hotel rooms – Hotel rooms are especially keen on keeping their rooms free of any smells or scents, which means that all lighted flames, candles or otherwise, are definitely a no-no.

• The workplace – While the office can be really monotonous, bringing scented candles to your desk is definitely a no-no in almost all buildings – a better option is to use an electric wax melter instead.

Flameless Wax Candles
It’s fairly common to want to fall in love with the fragrances. However, if you want to enjoy your scented candles but can’t light them normally because of potential fire hazards, your next best option is to use an electric wax melter.

An electric wax melter is a safer, non-hazardous alternative to a lighter or a match, and lets you light scented candles easily by simply plugging it in.

Candle Safety Tips
If you prefer lighting up your scented candles using a match or a lighter, do keep these following safety tips in mind to minimize any risks:

• Keep hair and any loose clothing away from the open flame.

• Always pay attention to your burning candles. Before leaving the room or going to bed, be sure to put them out.

• Place all candles in an open space clear of any objects near them, especially flammable objects such as books.

• If your home uses an air conditioner, do not light your candles without turning them off and opening the windows beforehand.

• To make sure the candles don’t tip easily, place them in sturdy candle holders.

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