A Glimpse of Pregnancy: What to Expect in Nine Months

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Pregnancy is the best present we can receive. When we are pregnant, we are elated especially if we are waiting for this moment for a long time. But there are others that are not that happy because it is unwanted. It is their problem. The only thing that we can do is enjoy our pregnancy because in nine months, we will see the baby.


When we are pregnant, we experience a lot of discomfort but it will not compare to the joy we will feel if we see our baby. The challenge here is to make the nine months bearable and comfortable as much as possible. If it is our first, we should initially see our doctor and ask what to expect. Doctors will cite many discomforts we will likely encounter but it can remedied.

Swelling – Pregnant women feel bloated. It is like swelling everywhere-the feet, ankles, face, fingers, legs and other parts. This will make us feel fat and heavy. It is just the body’s way of coping with changes but if we feel that something is wrong, it is better to voice our concern especially to our doctor.

Vomiting – Perhaps the most classical symptom and discomfort of pregnant women is vomiting or nausea. It usually happens during the first trimester.

Night Sweats – Pregnant women feel very hot always. Sweating is uncontrollable and sometimes, it leads to irritability.

Gas – Since it is very inconvenient to stand and look for a spot, pregnant women tend to release the gas right there.

Haemorrhoids – Haemorrhoids are very painful and irksome. When this happens, it is better to seek medication or treatment right away.

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