7 Ways to Avoid Dry and Chapped Lips

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When the sun gets too high and the heat is almost too much to bear, even our skin finds it difficult to keep the moisture in. One part of our integument almost always taking the toll is our lips. When the weather out is too dry, our lips are even drier than our liking.

Here are some ways to avoid dry and chapped lips:

1. Exfoliate with a soft toothbrush. Little do we know that our toothbrush also serves some other purpose aside from the obvious. It’s also a good exfoliator for dry lips especially when on travels or during long exposures under the sun. Just brush nice and soft, and your lips will feel smooth.

2. Drink plenty of water. Aside as this is probably the best health tip ever, it also helps beautify our faces with full healthy lips. It keeps moisture in the lips more effectively than any cosmetic could, and it keeps it smooth and pinkish all day long.

3. Go natural. If you’re looking for cosmetics that could help alleviate those dry lips, make sure to go for balms or moisturizers which contain shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax or cocoa butter. These have been proven to seal in moisture. Do avoid those with menthol or camphor.

4. Use coconut oil. Since we’re going natural, this is also one way to help keep those lips healthy. Smear on some coconut oil on your lips before hitting the sack every night and you’ll have smoother and healthier lips by morning. You could literally pull off that ‘woke up like this’ look.

5. Take some Vitamin E. If your lips are more than dry and start to become painful, smear on some Vitamin E. Just open up a capsule and proceed straight to applying some on the affected area. This also goes well in the corners of your mouth especially if they get painful.

6. Apply honey lip scrub. This tip is homemade so better try rummaging in your supplies. You’ll need some honey combined with sugar and almond oil. Just rub gently and your scrub will do the trick. It will surely brush off dead skin making it easier for your lips lock in moisture. Honey is a good humectant, or in other words, a moisture-locker.

7. Use beeswax lip balm. Another homemade tip is doing your own lip balm. You will need shea butter, honey, almond oil, olive oil, grated beeswax, five white chocolate chips and three to four drops of vanilla extract. Mix the oils in a bowl then start melting the beeswax. Gradually add the chocolate chips then melt once more. Add in the chocolate mixture and beeswax with the oils. Stir. Transfer to the container of your choice then freeze it up for the final product.

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