7 Little Ways to Care for Your Wife

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A home is not a home without a wife who lovingly takes care of the family. The wife’s utmost priorities are the needs of her husband and children. Whether she’s a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, she does not take a day-off from home duties. The stretch of twenty-four hours is sometimes not enough for a whole day.


Wife duties are no easy feats and she does these relentlessly with compassion. She is the first to wake up in the morning and the last to sleep at night. Her sacrifices are insurmountable indeed! A husband need not give her a bouquet of tulips or take her out to an elegant dinner to make her wife feel cared for. Truth be told, these little gestures of love are more than enough to brighten your wife’s always busy day:

1)       Be sensitive of must-have’s at home

Years of being together in one home will make you notice little things about her. You now know she cannot survive a day without her brand of coffee. Be wary of her must-have. Buy her coffee before her stock runs out. Do your kids have their favorite cookies which they love munching while watching television? Make sure there is enough of this at home even before the next weekly trip to the grocery. This will show how sensitive you are with the family’s immediate needs despite your hectic work schedule.

2)       Follow-up on conversations

Your wife may not say it but she is always looking forward to share the trivial details of her day. Do not just stop on asking how her day was. Ask follow-up questions instead of immediately going on about how stressful your day was. Delay topics about your work. Engage yourself in what your wife has to say. Your wife will take great pleasure in knowing how interested you are in her daily activities. You will also realize that your wife’s smiling eyes as she goes on about the events of her day are actually comforting and relaxing.

3)       Volunteer to do the chores

On some nights wherein you have a relatively easy day at work, surprise her by volunteering to do the chores. Volunteer to wash the dishes or to give your kids their night bath. This will definitely catch her off-guard. You helping out will likewise translate a message that you acknowledge and appreciate how she does the household chores.

4)       Leave her notes

It is a given fact that she knows you love her even without you telling. A handwritten I-love-you note though is cute, thoughtful and will make her feel cared for. You can leave stick-ons on the pile of laundry or on the couch or on the kitchen top – practically anywhere. Don’t worry as she is sure to find it because she organizes every corner of the house. A thoughtful note will definitely lighten her chores for the day!


5)       Give her a foot massage

Doing errands make her feet tired. You do not have to go to a pricey massage parlor for solution. Gently rubbing a plentiful amount of lotion to your wife’s feet will make her feet feel better. She will always choose you giving her the foot massage over any other experienced masseur!

6)       Give her a kiss on the forehead

If you used to do this while you were still dating, all the more you should do it now that she is your wife. Nothing is sweeter than random kisses on the forehead. While she cooks food or prepares the table for the family, a quick kiss on the forehead, which by the way, is a universal act of love and respect, will let her know how much you appreciate her.

7)       Say your words of appreciation

Were you amazed at how she juggled cleaning the bathroom and still being able to complete the costume your child will wear for tomorrow’s school celebration? Tell her what you feel about it. Words will make her feel valued. Did she wake up really early so she could prepare a special sandwich for you? Make her feel appreciated by saying it’s the best-tasting sandwich you have tried in your lifetime. Did she efficiently remove the ink stain from your uniform? Tell her she’s awesome even if you knew she just Googled how to do it.

These little acts of caring are sure ways to make your wife feel happy and fulfilled; in effect, she will be inspired to continue being the best version of herself, creating a happy home for everyone!


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