6 Warning Signs of a Failing Aircon Unit

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Like most appliances that are constantly used, an air conditioner is prone to a lot of problems. Although regular aircon servicing can help eliminate most of the minor problems, there are still some issues you need to watch out for by looking for warning signs. Call a trusted aircon servicing company in Singapore to fix cooling system when you notice the following:

• AC isn’t cooling or is blowing warm air. If the temperature from your Singapore AC is fluctuating and the air no longer cool, it might be caused by a clogged air filter, faulty compressor, or insufficient coolant levels. Regular aircon servicing can help eliminate most of the problems. Home AC repair will not only cool the room effectively but will also prevent restrictions in the coils, frozen parts, and accumulation of debris that will block clean air. Additionally, a regular inspection by an air conditioning services company will also correct a faulty thermostat which might be contributing to the problem.

• AC is frozen. This can be difficult to see just by looking at the exterior of the unit, but by the time it’s noticeable, the air conditioner is no longer working properly and there are extensive damages to the coils. Frozen units are caused by dirty coils, vents, and filters that prevent the cooling process from taking place. Sometimes the debris can even lead to refrigerant leaks if there is damage to the coils. Contact an aircon maintenance company to upkeep AC regularly and prevent this from happening.

• AC isn’t running at all. If the air conditioner doesn’t turn on or stops working after you turn it on, the unit could be experiencing problems with its circuit, condenser, motor, or a blown fuse. Or, the cause of the problem may also have happened over the time these professionals in Singapore install aircon, so it is important to call a technician to setup your AC unit properly. An AC system fitting also helps in guaranteeing your unit works on its optimal condition.

After checking whether the unit has been plugged or your circuit breaker has been tripped, check the condenser in the exterior unit to see if it’s running. Some can get their air conditioner working by lowering the temperature in the thermostat, but an aircon repair technician will be able to diagnose the problem more properly.

• AC makes strange noises. This is usually the first sign of a defective compressor. Most modern air conditioners can perform optimally without making a lot of noise, so clicks, bangs and rattles should alarm you. If the damage is extensive, the unit will also start to leak refrigerant, have poor airflow, and blow warm air. A noisy AC could also mean that a part is broken or loose. Turn off the unit and call a home AC repair crew to prevent more damage to the unit.

• AC emits bad odor. Fouls smells from the unit are not normal. It could be a sign that the ductwork is clogged and is home to mold or a wire is burnt. An aircon servicing crew can schedule regular cleaning and checkup to prevent these problems.

• AC frequently trips breaker. This happens when the compressing unit in the air conditioner is damaged. The compressor loses power, and this causes the circuit breaker to trip probably because it is drawing too much power and is overheating. Resetting the circuit breaker will not solve the problem and will only rack up the cost of aircon servicing in the future because of the extent of the damage.

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