5 Tips to Clean Out Your Beauty Arsenal

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Having a minimalist beauty arsenal will not be an easy project, especially if you’re a certified beauty product hoarder. You might even find it hard to part with the 20 lipstick shades that you’re keeping in your beauty bag. Still, you don’t really need to endure and live a life full of beauty product clutter. By doing the following tips, you’ll be able to streamline your beauty arsenal like a pro, and achieve the minimalist beauty stash that you want.


1.       Check on the Product’s Shelf Life.  This is especially true for cream- or liquid-based formulas, and organic products as they contain fewer chemical preservatives and tend to expire faster. These products are less stable than their powder counterparts, so as much as possible, avoid buying them in bulk. Not only will they create more clutter in your arsenal, you’ll also end up wasting money if you failed to use them in time.
2.       Get Rid of Dated Makeup Products. White eye pencils, sparkly highlighters, heavy contour creams and frosty lipsticks have had their fair share of fame, but now, these products can already be tossed out along with your baby tees and chokers. Dated makeup products are what often clutters our beauty arsenal so make it a habit to throw out beauty products that are already out of the trend. Also, there’s a greater chance that they’re expired anyway.

3.       Toss Out Products You Haven’t Used in Months. Apart from getting rid of your dated makeup products, you should also learn to toss out those that you haven’t used in months. If you’re constantly dealing with a stream of beauty products, do create a product inventory and toss or give away those that you won’t be adding into your beauty stash.

4.       Purchase a Makeup Organizer. Getting a makeup organizer is another way to organize and sort your products at hand. Opt for storage containers that can double as a décor, so that you’ll be inspired to keep them pretty and clean that you’ll only be placing the products that you value the most in them.
5.       Go for Dual or Multipurpose Beauty Products. Purchasing multipurpose beauty products is another way to free up some space in your beauty bag. For lipsticks, look for those with dual sides – a pigmented and a glossy side. With this, you’ll be able to create two to three looks in a single tube.

Although it may seem challenging at first, developing a minimalist beauty bag is actually easy even for a beauty product hoarder like yourself. Just remember to keep everything organized in your beauty stash and throw out those that you won’t really be needing in the long run.

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