5 Skin-Care Regimen for a More Glowing Skin

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After a long day at work, it feels just right to let those pores rest and have a breather. With all the grooming we disguise in the form of makeup, our pores sometimes take all the toll. What’s even more dismaying is we don’t even our skin the attention it deserves, not until there’s a breakout.

So before you mishandle your skin cosmetic by cosmetic, here are five skin-care regimen tips that will help you take care of your best accessory:

1. Remove makeup
Here’s one tip that girls everywhere find it difficult to do once they’re day is over. It’s just nice to slump on the nearest couch and let those z’s come, but no. Our skin is begging us to remove all those cosmetics we’ve painstakingly put on our faces so the pores won’t clog up and cause breakouts in the long run. It’s even good to double cleanse.

This technique is characterized by first removing all your makeup with makeup removers available alongside those cosmetic counters in stores. Next, wash your face with any face cleanser to your liking. Just make sure to cleanse your skin all over, leaving no pore uncleansed. Those grime and oil can mix with the product you’ve used during the day, so your pores might get irritated during sleep if not cleansed well.

2. Cleanse
Mentioned earlier is the double cleanse method, but here is another cleansing step that is as equally important. Gel cleansers are typically used for this step. It strips off oils that may clog up pores, but don’t overdo this step as your face still needs its natural oils to maintain its usual moisture.

3. Tone
Toners are helpful in maintaining skin texture as well as keeping your skin hydrated. Another plus factor is that it makes your skin absorb cosmetics faster and easier, cutting your makeup time significantly.

4. Treat/mask
There are lots of masks or treatments available in stores, but make sure to find one that suits your skin. Oil control, moisturizing, whitening or hydrating masks, you name it. They’re available at stores to treat your skin to a twenty-minute cooling and moisturizing session.

5. Moisturize
Your type of moisturizer also depends on your skin type. For oily skin, there are moisturizers available with just the right amount of hydrating components that blend well with your already moist skin. For dry skin, there are moisturizers with higher levels of hydration so your skin can compensate.

These are but five tips, but it always boils down to the basic: clean skin is the prettiest. So keep those pores happy and cleanse as often as you use cosmetics. Or better yet, let them rest for a few days. As they say, less is more.

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