5 Reasons Why You Should Date a Shy Guy

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Popular ‘It-Boys’ are easy targets, but before you fall head over heels to one of them, take a look around you. Spotted any quiet, mysterious guy? A shy type might not be your kind of boyfriend, but maybe you should consider him now!


1.       You Get the Thrill of the Chase

For us girls, being chased by guys can be fun. But did you know that doing the chasing can be equally fun, too? Making the first move—whether for the first date or first kiss—is really thrilling. Don’t be afraid to initiate things. You’re taking the pressure off him, while you enjoy the chasing experience.

2.       They Are Honest and Genuine

Confident guys feel always confident with their words, but sometimes they could be too superficial. They have the tendency to say anything and everything to please you, even if it’s not true. However, with a shy guy, he will never act artificially. His words always speak about his thoughts and you can be sure that your shy guy tells the truth.

3.       You’re the Only One Who Knows Him Better

While everybody knows about the It-Guy that he’s the captain of your school’s soccer team, works out five times a week, and eats oatmeal for breakfast, your shy guy is more like a mysterious persona.

Not only you’re getting the fun of knowing him, it also means you’re seeing a side of him that no one else has seen. While it may take a while for a shy guy to open up, you’re assured that it will all be worth it.


4.        They Are Attentive Listeners

Shy guys don’t do the talking first, so you’re sure they won’t dominate conversations. They do more listening and will tirelessly do so no matter how much you will be talking.

Having someone who will listen attentively to you is one of the pleasant things you can have, and you know you’ll have someone with your shy guy. However, it should work both ways as you also need to be a good listener for him, which should be easy since they’re likely to talk less.

5.       A Shy Guy Will Not Cheat On You

Once a shy guy makes up his mind to be with you, he will always be faithful and loyal to you. He knows very well that the girl she loves deserves only the best man even if you experience breakdowns in your relationship. This is perhaps the best thing about dating a shy guy.

Now, you know that dating a shy guy means having a sensitive person who cares about your feelings and emotions. If you want someone who’s attentive, caring, and loyal, a shy guy would be your best match.


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