5 Amazing Beauty Uses of Avocado

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Avocados are undeniably beautiful on almost everything, from tacos and chips to sandwiches and salads. But what’s surprising is this fruit trend is also capable of providing some amazing beauty benefits. Here, we’ve listed down five amazing beauty uses that you can get by incorporating avocados in your beauty routine.


1.       Revitalizes the Scalp and Hair. Got dry strands and dandruff-prone scalp? Worry no more, for a few drops of avocado oil is can already rejuvenate your damaged hair and scalp. All you’ve got to do is dispense a few oil drops in your hand, and gently massage it into your scalp down to the lengths and ends of your strands. Unlike other oils, avocado oil absorbs quickly and shampoos out clean, leaving you with healthy and grease-free hair. 

2.       Freshens Breath. Odd as it sounds, avocado can actually be used to fight chronic bad breath. Its creamy, thick texture is what cleanses the mouth when chewed, while its enzymes soothes the small intestines as they go down. Chronic bad breath is often caused by the inflammation of the gastrointestinal system, and eating avocados is one good way to deal with this issues and treat your bad breath problems.
3.       Soothes Sunburn. Applying a generous amount of avocado paste is one of the best ways to treat a gnarly sunburn. It aids in rehydrating the affected area, while speeding up the healing process. A new research even showed that the fats and oils derived from avocados can help in reducing sunburned cells and inflammation – proving that it isn’t just a placebo effect.

avocado-mask-645x429 4.       Makes a Great Shaving Cream Alternative. If you ever find yourself in a predicament of running out of shaving cream – or is trying to take your beauty routine to a more natural route – both avocado flesh and oil can stand as a perfect lubricant substitute for shaving. While we don’t suggest that you slather guacamole over your legs, avocado’s rich and smooth texture really works as an irritant-free, gentle shaving cream.
5.       Treats Psoriasis. This chronic skin condition is really a nightmare to have and to get rid of. Luckily, applying avocado flesh or oil over the affected area can help you deal with this problem. Apart from treating psoriasis, some studies revealed that the avocado’s moisturizing properties also helped in preventing the painful cracking and scaly effects of psoriasis.

Not only are avocados great for helping us stick with our diet, now it’s also capable of providing some of our beauty needs. So start including this godsend fruit in your grocery list now to experience its amazing beauty and healthy benefits.


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