4 Tips on Dealing With People You Don’t Like

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You cannot possibly like everyone you meet after all this is not a Singapore. In life,  there is always someone who stresses or discomforts you at the mere sight. If there are people who drive you crazy, it is time that you learn how to deal with them.


Dealing with the people you dislike doesn’t mean you treat them with without respect though. In a group, there is always this someone who you think is “unlikeable”. According to Robert Sutton, a professor of Stanford University’s Management Science, it is not possible to create team consisting of people that like each other. It takes smart people to make most out of the people they dislike.

Here is how you should deal with people you dislike:

  1. You bear with them. Sure, that person annoys you a lot but you cannot simply ignore or dismiss them. You only bear with them. It may not be easy and fun but you have to deal with them because you could use different insights. Remember that the people who provoke you can fuel your success.


  1. Just focus on yourself. Instead of always thinking how that person can be very irritating, just take a time off and examine yourself after all they did not create the buttons, you created it, they are merely pushing it. Sometimes what you don’t like in others is what you do not like in yourself. So learn to identify the triggers and who knows you can reverse your reaction and give the person second chance.


  1. Pause and take deep breaths. If you are really set off by someone maybe because of their personality, you have to keep calm and pause for a while. You just need to take deep breaths and let it go. If you know what sets you off and who is insistent on pushing that button, better avoid it with all your might.


  1. Allow space. If everything else fails, the least thing that you can do is to allow space. Do not invite quarrel or disagreement. The longer you stay with the person you dislike, the higher the possibility of quarrel or disagreement. The wisest thing that you can do is to distance yourself from them.

In the workplace or in school, there is really that someone who will tick you off and when that happens, do your best to practice diplomacy or civility. You just have to think that the person you dislike is not really a bad human and the reason that you do not get alone is because of different perspectives or values.


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