4 Makeup Tips for Women with Acne-Prone Skin

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Other than a smudged mascara or a lipstick stain on our teeth, one thing that can easily ruin our day is a full-blown acne breakout. Whether you suffer from other skin issues or get an occasional spot, covering it up has been the known cause of many makeup mistakes – but there’s no need to worry anymore. We’ve rounded up four expert tips as to how girls with acne-prone skin can effectively disguise their blemishes, or their once-in-a-blue-moon acne breakout.


1.       Avoid getting a cakey face. Unfortunately for women with acne-prone skin, not even the makeup with the best coverage can make your face totally flawless. In fact, the more layer you add to it, the more attention you’ll call to your not-so-perfect complexion. Luckily, it can be remedied by using a full-coverage formula that feels and looks weightless, without worsening your breakouts, such as BECCA’s Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème.

 2.       Choose the right primer for your skin. The best primer for acne-prone skin are those with green-based formulas. Experts recommend using primers that reduces the redness and calms the skin, and the green ones are the way to go.


 3.       Skip all the glittery makeup formulas. It’s understandable that you’d prefer skipping the colours over your skin, but there’s no need to completely forgo a rosy and sun-kissed complexion. You can actually wear your blush and bronzer, but it would be best to avoid the glittery formulas and swap them out with their matte version to add a healthier glow on your face.

 4.       Get rid of your makeup sponges. While they may not look like it, but using sponges to apply makeup actually does more harm than good. These applicators breed and spread bacteria, leading to more acne breakouts. Experts recommend swapping them out makeup brushes, which are naturally antimicrobial as long as they’re kept clean.

Covering up your blemishes is actually easy. By practicing a good skincare regimen, using the right beauty products, and following these simple makeup tips, you can instantly mask your less-than perfect skin in no time.


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