4 Food Trends of 2014 Seen in Singapore

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Trends are not only present in fashion and beauty, it is also evident even in food. Singapore is known for its various cuisines and food choices that are slowly making a buzz to the locals and the tourists. Here are some of the most memorable food trends that were present in Singapore last 2014.


Coffee shops

Singapore has always been a country full of coffee lovers, which is why there is no surprise that various cafés have popped all over Singapore. However, there is a more notable increase in coffee joints in the island this year. Perhaps this is because of the emergence of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where you can share your coffee delights to your friends and followers.

Comfort food

Let’s be honest, sometimes we grow tired of formal restaurants where you use a number of different utensils. It can become pretentious and slightly dull to always indulge in an elegant dining experience. There are days when you just want to eat heartily and relax. Good thing there are more and more comfort food chains that are available in Singapore.


Fine dining for less

Over the past year, we’ve encountered restaurants that serve amazingly luxurious-looking and tasting food for much, much less. A lot of restaurants are now serving authentic world-class cuisine for a friendlier price in order to encourage customers to enjoy the food that they serve.

Veggie good

A lot of Singaporeans are opting to go green when it comes to their food choices in order to become healthier. Restaurants and food stalls are showing that eating vegetables can be a very delicious and healthy experience. Vegan restaurants like Joie and Afterglow cater to the needs of people who have switched to vegan.


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