4 Effective Ways to Maintain a Long-Distance Relationship

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While most people, your friends included, may think that long-distance relationships don’t work out for long, there are ways that you and your partner can make it work – the first one being that you can see this as an opportunity to grow.

To keep your relationship alive and going strong, no matter the distance, here are a few crucial tips you can use to make it work between the two of you:

1. Communicate regularly, but not excessively.
You don’t really need constant communication twelve hours a day – you would get tired of “loving” faster than you would think, and burning out is the first way that relationships fizzle out.

Keep in mind that when it comes to long-distance communication, it’s not about spamming until you exhaust yourselves, but about sending messages and calling each other at the right time.

What you want to do is communicate regularly enough, such as texting each other “good morning” or “good night”, and updating your partner on what is happening with your life, however mundane it might seem.

2. Set ground rules beforehand.
Being clear with what you expect of each other during your time apart is one way you can be sure that neither of you will do anything that would surprise the other.

For instance, you need to discuss clearly if the two of you are exclusive or if it’s all right for either of you to be seeing or going on dates with other people – it’s important that the two of you have the same goals and are on the same page, especially if the two of you plan on settling down.

3. Don’t forget to talk dirty once in a while.
One of the most important things between couples is sexual tension and desire, a powerful glue keeping both parties together that’s not just a biological need, but also an emotional one that have made and broken countless relationships.

From sexy puns to provocative descriptions of sexual innuendos, you have a wide array of options at your disposal to keep the flames of your relationship burning hot – the trick is to get creative with them. And don’t forget that wink emoticon!

4. Add some spontaneity to the mix.
Mix up your regular communication schedules with the occasional surprise! For instance, sing to your partner over Skype, or send each other audio clips and short videos from time to time. It’s always the little things.

This also includes setting time aside to do similar things together, such as recommend books, TV shows, music suggestions, and even news. You can even read or go on a walk while video-calling each other at the same time.

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